The Fathers of Morning in a one-man-band based in Astoria, OR. Ed Morgan writes the songs, plays the instruments and records them as well. Almost all the songs are written and recorded within three to four hours and then never worked on again. His songs are moments in time. While the songs may not be perfect and have obvious errors, that’s the way he likes them. Ed has often said, “Perfect music isn’t perfect.”

Very much into nuances and personalities of instruments themselves, as well as the recording process itself, Ed sometimes records a song just for the sound of his kick drum or perhaps a new amp he just built. He just likes the way things sound.

The Fathers of Morning’s songs all sound very different from each other but at the same time they have a common thread that makes the identifiable. Indie, folk, rock, electronic, industrial, etc., whatever label you want to use could apply. Ed writes the music that he wants to hear and hopes you enjoy it.

All the music is free to download but if you’d like to contribute, consider becoming a patron or purchasing some songs from Bandcamp.

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