The Fathers of Morning is an audio project by Ed Morgan, spanning decades and genres. The songs are more recorded than they are written. Constantly seeking inspiration, The Fathers of Morning records and catalogs all the songs in chronological order, from the first song on the first album to the last on the latest. It is essentially an audio timeline, documenting a life. A multitude of genres are represented throughout the timeline so you really never know what you’re going to hear next.

Back in elementary school, Ed wanted to play drums but the band teacher had other ideas. He was always tall for his age and when he showed up for school band he found out he was to play trombone along with the other two tallest kids in the grade. The long arms enabled them to play notes the other kids couldn’t. Still focused on playing drums, his parents got him private drum lessons which sent him on this musical journey.

Ed started playing drums in bands at the age of 13 and continued to do so through high school and then played guitar in a number of bands in college. During this time he got a 4-track and began to make solo recordings by playing all the instruments himself. Friends and bandmates would occasionally contribute. The immediacy of recording got him hooked. He could write and record a song in a few hours and then sit back and listen to the music the he wanted to hear. To this day he still enjoys listening to his own music because he recorded it for himself, it’s what he wants to hear.

Upon listening to some of The Fathers of Morning, one might question Ed’s sanity due to how closely the music resembles and represents who he is. A friend once commented. “I need to leave the room, this music is freaking me out.” He considers it to be one of the best compliments he ever received about his music. The music of The Fathers of Morning is hard to ignore and it will evoke an emotional response whether you like it or not.

Over the years and albums, the genres and color of the music has varied greatly. Heavily influenced by simply what instruments were available and his geographical location, each song came into being more by happenstance rather than conscious thought. The early albums were recorded in Yardley, PA using mostly equipment left behind from band practice. Later the albums recorded in Philadelphia became more experimental and noise-based and then settled down to a more calm / acoustic vibe while in Key West, FL. During stints in Seattle, WA and New York, NY, no recordings were made due to the lack of equipment. After moving to Cape Canaveral, a drum set was regularly available again the songs became more straight-forward. Now in Astoria, Oregon, after years of limited musical equipment, Ed has all his equipment in one place and records music without being limited to a few instruments. Anything and everything is possible now!

Musical instruments and recording gear are central to the sound of The Fathers of Morning. Songs are often recorded just because of the way an instrument sounds. The growl of a modular synth, the twang of a Telecaster, the crack of a snare are the reasons The Fathers of Morning exists. Ed is really into the way things sound. He builds amplifiers, synths and various studio gear. Pulling from an eclectic assortment of instruments, each with a distinctive voice, Ed attempts to express the inexpressible.

The music of The Fathers of Morning focuses on one’s visceral experience of sound. The sounds of things and the sound of everything. Just listen…